I’ll admit, it’s rare to see QuickBooks and Microsoft Dynamics appear in the same sentence. No less in an “if/then” statement. But that was before the appearance of Microsoft Dynamics 365 on the scene. Now there are clear and present reasons for QuickBooks users to contemplate a move up to Dynamics 365, especially if they’re outgrowing QuickBooks.

QuickBooks is often the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software of choice for start-ups and small companies. For one simple reason: It’s inexpensive.

But as your company grows, your ERP software needs to handle an ever increasingly complex set of processes and operations. How do YOU handle these new business challenges? Perhaps you decide to ride it out. Or hire more people. Or buy more tools. OR, what you might best be thinking about instead is finding a better solution.

I’m here to suggest Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Edition for Finance and Operations. It’s a pure cloud solution with flexibility and scalability that goes far beyond the capabilities of QuickBooks. Best of all, It’s designed for small, growing companies exactly like yours.

Ask yourself, does QuickBooks help you grow or is it struggling to keep up with your growing business?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a comprehensive solution that will grow and adapt with you. If you’re willing and able to shift your mindset from reactive to proactive, you’ll be prepared for the successful future of your company.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 will:

  • Connect multiple systems
  • Simplify your operations
  • Improve data security and controls
  • Make better use of your data
  • Provide smarter financial and auditing tools
  • Keep pace with higher transaction volume
  • Integrate seamlessly with other technologies
  • Work on various devices, from anywhere, at any time
  • Adapt to your business needs
  • Comply with industry standards

If these are your long-term goals, indeed if these are your requirements for an ideal accounting solution, you have just defined Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Dig deeper!

Take a look at Microsoft’s workbook: Beyond the basics – How to evaluate a QuickBooks replacement.

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