Fueled by the Internet of Things (IoT), digital transformation is growing and spreading, like a wildfire whipped by the wind through a dry terrain. No industry is exempt from the allure of digital transformation. Some have embraced it more than others. But no matter what industry sector we might choose to look at, the benefits and challenges are the same.

In many ways, the challenges actually turn into the benefits. For example, the challenging need for increased data storage capacity becomes a solution for increased storage capacity. The need for faster speed becomes a solution for faster speed. Once each challenge is resolved, the organization benefits exponentially from enhanced performance, connectivity, cost reductions, and better tools for system management.

Companies in the wholesale distribution sector have long been looking for ways to improve their Supply Chain Management (SCM) and logistics. As more and more of their supply chain and logistics partners move their systems to the cloud, distributors are reaping the benefits of increased visibility along every segment of their supply chain as greater connectivity is facilitated by the cloud. Some call this trend “hyperconnectivity” and it’s a boon for distributors.

In the 21st century, we have bid farewell to many, if not all, of the limitations of 20th-century computing power. Memory, storage, and speed have increased exponentially, enabling real-time informed decision making based on real-time analytics. Challenges can be identified and resolved before they become problems. Business processes can be optimized. Forecasts will be more accurate. And the door has been opened for predictive maintenance. Some call this trend “supercomputing” and it’s another boon for savvy distributors.

The technology behind digital transformation allows distributors to envision a brave new world, with:

  • Smarter robots
  • Smarter 3D printing
  • Smarter products
  • Smarter machines
  • Smart vending
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Drone deliveries
  • Revolutionary service models
  • Automated maintenance models

The sky is literally the limit due to cloud computing and especially hybrid cloud deployments. Early adopters are already gaining a competitive edge. So a word to the wise for distributors who have not embraced digital transformation: Execute a digital strategy now, because today every business is a technology business.

Are you ready to embark on a digital journey?

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