Moving up to Microsoft Dynamics 365 is easy. And while there’s more than one path, all of them lead your business forward to success. So don’t let the options confuse you, because there’s nothing confusing about it.

I’d like to propose that there are 4 basic paths to Dynamics 365. But first, why not take advantage of a free Dynamics 365 trial. If you love the experience, choose your path.

Path #1 – Starting from Scratch

This path assumes that there are still companies out there that are not already running an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software system. You might be a start-up attempting to run your small business on spreadsheets. Hmmm…

Spreadsheets are minefields ready to explode because of the potential for manual and human error. Get out of there fast! Dynamics 365 allows you to start with what you need and upgrade to a more comprehensive plan as your business grows. This option can cost as little as $40 per user per month. Hopefully, even your tiny start-up can afford that much.

Path #2 – Migrating from QuickBooks

Many small businesses choose to start out on QuickBooks, mainly because of the price point. Microsoft recognizes that it often doesn’t take long for QuickBooks users to find the functionality lacking. That’s why Microsoft developed a path to Dynamics 365 specifically for QuickBooks clients.

You can read more about it in my recent article on: The Designated Path from QuickBooks to Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Path #3 – Upgrading from Microsoft Dynamics GP

You may or may not be aware that before Microsoft launched Dynamics 365, Microsoft already offered 4 different ERP software solutions, namely: Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains), Microsoft Dynamics SL (formerly Solomon), Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision), and Microsoft Dynamics AX (formerly Axapta). So Dynamics 365 was actually Microsoft 5th ERP offering.

It, therefore, makes sense that Microsoft has developed simple, cost-effective paths for their GP, SL, NAV, and AX customers to move UP to Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Path #4 – Upgrading from All Other ERP Platforms

It doesn’t much matter where you’re at. Because there’s a path for you to Microsoft Dynamics 365 from Sage or SYSPRO, Acumatica or Infor, Macola, Epicor, … you name it. Why would you even want to consider moving to Microsoft Dynamics 365? I’d like to think that many of you would choose innovation over the status quo. And for more on that topic, you can read my recent article: ERP Software Battleground! Status Quo versus Innovation.

Good Old Robert Frost

It’s always a good idea to start a blog post with a solid first line and end with a bang. My bang today is Robert Frost, who memorably stood undecided at the convergence of two roads and chose the road less traveled. Philosophically, that was a choice that served him well in his life. Practically, in today’s fast-moving world, perhaps the road more traveled is the one that is more likely to take you quickly and efficiently from point A to point B – from your “old” ERP to Microsoft Dynamics 365 where your business can truly thrive.

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