Being multilingual has its benefits, for my clients and for me. It means I can work comfortably with companies in their own language, specifically en español en México and en français au Canada.

Fortunately for me and my clients, Microsoft Dynamics GP supports the multilingual and multicurrency needs of Mexican and Canadian companies.


Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains Software) is what we call a horizontal solution, which basically means that it has the capability to address the process, operational and financial requirements of several industries. In other words, it is not industry-specific. In addition to breadth, Dynamics GP has depth in many sectors, including but not limited to manufacturing, distribution, financial services, software development companies, transportation, and so on.

With a history that dates back to its first DOS iteration, Dynamics GP has been around for a long, long time and has acquired a stellar reputation as a complete ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution.

You might ask: How many companies run their business of Microsoft Dynamics GP? The answer, at last count, was give or take 50,000.

You might also ask: How many Dynamics GP installations have I performed? And the answer is that I founded International Software Systems 25 years ago, so I’ve all but lost count. But the number is certainly well into the hundreds.

The other great thing about Microsoft Dynamics GP is that it plays well with scores of third-party add-ons that can round out your system to make it work exactly the way you want and need it to.

Need EDI? Dynamics GP integrates seamlessly with TrueCommerce RedTail for EDI.
Need Project Tracking or Subscription Billing? Dynamics GP integrates seamlessly with Encore Business Solutions for both of those.
Need Field Service? Dynamics GP integrates seamlessly with KEY2ACT for construction and field service management.

And the list goes on.

Got questions about Microsoft Dynamics GP? You’ve come to the right place. I’m Laura Peters, the Founder of International Software Systems, and you can reach me directly at 714-264-4250 or

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