Here’s some great hype for you. Not since the invention of the wheel has there been an innovation like Skype to turn the wheels of business.  … Yes. I made that up. But let’s look at what Skype can do for your business and then you can tell me if my hypothetical hype could be true.

Let’s begin with a very abbreviated Skype history lesson.

  1. First released in 2003
  2. Purchased by eBay in 2005
  3. Purchased by Microsoft in 2011

And a bit of trivia for all of the etymology buffs out there. The name for the software is derived from “Sky peer-to-peer,” which was then abbreviated to “Skyper.” However, some of the domain names associated with “Skyper” were already taken. Dropping the final “r” left the current title “Skype,” for which domain names were available.

Perhaps Skype’s most endearing feature is its versatility. Skype calls, video conferences and Instant Messaging (IM) can be accessed from:

  • computers
  • tablets
  • mobile devices
  • the Xbox One console and
  • smartwatches

via the Internet and to regular telephones. What’s more, there is Skype for:

  • Windows
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Mac and
  • Linux

Further, over the last 2 years, Microsoft transitioned Skype from peer-to-peer service to a centralized Azure service.

Skype supports both emoticons and Mojis. Plus, an option to call contacts on Skype through Siri voice commands.

Are you loving it? Are you thinking about what Skype, the ultimate platform for professional collaboration and meetings, can for your business? Have you concluded that the hype about Skype is true?

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BTW, Skype for Business comes with Office 365 Business Essentials and Office 365 Business Premium.

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