You guessed! The quote about arose is from Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.”

The full quote is “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” It’s a frequently referenced part of the play in which Juliet argues that it does not matter that Romeo is from her rival’s house of Montague. In other words, it does not matter that he is named “Montague.” The reference is often used to imply that the names of things do not affect what they really are.

And so it is with the ever popular Great Plains Software, an accounting and ERP software system that hasn’t been officially called Great Plains since it was acquired by Microsoft in 2001. And yet, it was so popular, that many users and even partners continue to refer to it as Great Plains.

The name today is Microsoft Dynamics GP, Here at International Software Systems, we’re proud to have been a reseller since well before Great Plains became Dynamics GP. It’s been our core business since well before that, too. And, per the Shakespeare quote, it not only smells as sweet, but sweeter yet.

Why? Because Microsoft, with its deep pockets, has literally poured money into the product, adding more and more functionality until Dynamics GP came of age as one of the strongest horizontal ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems on the market today. As was the case with Great Plains, Microsoft Dynamics GP clients are fiercely loyal. They’d rather fight than switch.

And International Software Systems has remained loyal, too. We recognize the need that Dynamics GP fills as a holistic midmarket ERP solution. Easy to learn. User friendly. Easy to configure. Flexible. Scalable. Absolutely delightful.

Yes, the virtues of Microsoft Dynamics GP are many. Just ask our deliriously happy “Great Plains’ clients.

… Great Plains, coupled with the ingenuity of International Software Systems, delivered a product that exceeded our expectations in both conversion and day-to-day functionality.
Kevin Moradian, CFO, Fire Sprinkler Systems, Inc.

Our company was in the middle of the transition to Great Plains when the outside service company we were using walked away from the job. We called International Software Systems; Laura made the transition seamless.
Lee Ann M. Engel, Controller, Design Tec, Inc.

… Best of all, Laura Peters made the installation process a breeze. She is readily available and checks in our progress frequently …
Cheryl Jordan, Omega Cinema Props, Inc.

… International Software Systems implemented a software upgrade that was so smooth that we did not experience any business interruption.
Robert Adec, Controller, Fish Co.

Looking for a “Great Plains” partner who will exceed your expectations? Contact me, Laura Peters, at, at my office 714.379.0545, or on my cell at 714.264.4250.

And by the way, je parle français and yo hablo español tambien.