It would be far too simplistic to assert that in the battle between the status quo and innovation, the latter should win out every time. You might be more sympathetic to the status quo if you were to think about it as your heart versus your head. The status quo may be very near and dear to you. It’s familiar ground. It’s your comfort zone. And who can argue with that?

The point is that it shouldn’t be an argument or a battle at all. It should be a respectful discussion about your business needs and goals. If one of your goals is to grow your business, we should look at how well the status quo is moving you toward that goal. Even if you are and have been happy with the status quo, we can still look at whether it’s helping you remain competitive.

You need a reason to choose innovation, because optimizing your processes to align with the most up-to-date software systems available is not going to happen without some pain. Even if that pain is the heartache you and your team will experience when you have to let go of the status quo, which is the way things have always been done thus far.

The status quo is like your favorite old t-shirt. You know, the one that’s literally falling apart. But it’s so comfortable. You and your t-shirt have been through a lot together. At International Software Systems, we get that. We have favorite old t-shirts, too, that we’re loathe to give up.

And yet, as technology experts, we also understand the value of moving on and moving ahead when there are good reasons to do so. We’ve been around since the very first release of Great Plains Software when it was a small company in Fargo, North Dakota. Those were the good old days, when Great Plains users gathered every year for “Stampede” in Fargo in the dead of winter. It was like going to a family reunion. Pretty low key and low tech and fun.

Since then, Great Plains was purchased by Microsoft and rebranded Microsoft Dynamics GP. And users gather in different locations for annual conferences with attendance topping 15,000. Hardly a little family reunion anymore. Today it’s a high pitch, high tech event, and it’s still fun.

But I digress.

The important point is that good old Great Plains was DOS-based (remember DOS?) and it was accounting software not ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). No SmartLists. No multi-currency. No seamless integration with CRM. No dashboards. No mobility. No HR management. And I could go on and on … and on. Today, you could not innovate if you were still running Great Plains, no matter how much you loved it.

If you choose innovation, does that mean you have to change the way you do everything? Absolutely not. There is a middle ground and it’s that middle ground that we work hard to establish with our clients. Let’s have that respectful conversation so we can agree on which elements of your status quo you can keep versus what changes you may need to make in order to optimize your processes, grow your business, and remain competitive.

Let’s discuss your future. You can reach me at, at my office 714.379.0545 or on my cell at 714.264.4250. And by the way, je parle français and yo hablo español tambien.

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