The Designated Path from QuickBooks to Microsoft Dynamics 365

I call it the path to success!

Why? Because, if you’ve outgrown QuickBooks, if QuickBooks is no longer meeting your needs, then Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the way you can get ever so much more from your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. And if you’re not already in the cloud, now you will be. After all, cloud ERP has become the platform of choice for savvy businesses. It’s more secure, more flexible, and more cost effective.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 was built as a cloud ERP solution. It was not re-engineered to work in the cloud. That differentiates Dynamics 365 from most other ERP systems that started out on premises and were later offered as cloud ERP applications.

What’s more, Microsoft Dynamics 365 was designed, among other things, to be a step up for QuickBooks users.

And that’s why, if you’re currently running QuickBooks, International Software Systems (ISS) wants to chat with you about your future operational capacity.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 unifies CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP capabilities into applications that work seamlessly together across sales, customer service, field service, operations, financials, marketing, and project service automation. It’s holistic.

Then … combine Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Microsoft Office 365. Office 365 offers cloud service plans for e-mail and social networking through hosted versions of Exchange Server, Skype for Business Server, SharePoint and Office Online, and integration with Yammer, as well as access to the entire Microsoft Office stack.

Then … add Power BI into the mix. Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools that deliver insights throughout your organization. Connect to hundreds of data sources, simplify data prep, and drive ad hoc analysis. Produce beautiful reports, then publish them for your organization to consume on the web and across mobile devices.

And you now have a complete cloud system that will serve you into the foreseeable future.

Who We Are

Since 1992, International Software Systems has sold, implemented, and supported technologies that serve small-to mid-market U.S. and international clients.

Our list of satisfied clients who come to us for distribution, service, EDI, job costing, and other services continues to grow as does our staff, a team of dedicated consultants with extensive training, experience, and certification on all of the products International Software Systems offers.

Let’s Chat

You can reach me at at my office 714.379.0545 or on my cell at 714.264.4250. And by the way, je parle français and yo hablo español tambien.

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If You’ve Outgrown QuickBooks, Then You’re Ready for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics GP in the U.S., Mexico and Canada – In English, en español, en français

Being multilingual has its benefits, for my clients and for me. It means I can work comfortably with companies in their own language, specifically en español en México and en français au Canada.

Fortunately for me and my clients, Microsoft Dynamics GP supports the multilingual and multicurrency needs of Mexican and Canadian companies.


Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains Software) is what we call a horizontal solution, which basically means that it has the capability to address the process, operational and financial requirements of several industries. In other words, it is not industry-specific. In addition to breadth, Dynamics GP has depth in many sectors, including but not limited to manufacturing, distribution, financial services, software development companies, transportation, and so on.

With a history that dates back to its first DOS iteration, Dynamics GP has been around for a long, long time and has acquired a stellar reputation as a complete ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution.

You might ask: How many companies run their business of Microsoft Dynamics GP? The answer, at last count, was give or take 50,000.

You might also ask: How many Dynamics GP installations have I performed? And the answer is that I founded International Software Systems 25 years ago, so I’ve all but lost count. But the number is certainly well into the hundreds.

The other great thing about Microsoft Dynamics GP is that it plays well with scores of third-party add-ons that can round out your system to make it work exactly the way you want and need it to.

Need EDI? Dynamics GP integrates seamlessly with TrueCommerce RedTail for EDI.
Need Project Tracking or Subscription Billing? Dynamics GP integrates seamlessly with Encore Business Solutions for both of those.
Need Field Service? Dynamics GP integrates seamlessly with KEY2ACT for construction and field service management.

And the list goes on.

Got questions about Microsoft Dynamics GP? You’ve come to the right place. I’m Laura Peters, the Founder of International Software Systems, and you can reach me directly at 714-264-4250 or

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ERP Software Battleground! Status Quo versus Innovation

It would be far too simplistic to assert that in the battle between the status quo and innovation, the latter should win out every time. You might be more sympathetic to the status quo if you were to think about it as your heart versus your head. The status quo may be very near and dear to you. It’s familiar ground. It’s your comfort zone. And who can argue with that?

The point is that it shouldn’t be an argument or a battle at all. It should be a respectful discussion about your business needs and goals. If one of your goals is to grow your business, we should look at how well the status quo is moving you toward that goal. Even if you are and have been happy with the status quo, we can still look at whether it’s helping you remain competitive.

You need a reason to choose innovation, because optimizing your processes to align with the most up-to-date software systems available is not going to happen without some pain. Even if that pain is the heartache you and your team will experience when you have to let go of the status quo, which is the way things have always been done thus far.

The status quo is like your favorite old t-shirt. You know, the one that’s literally falling apart. But it’s so comfortable. You and your t-shirt have been through a lot together. At International Software Systems, we get that. We have favorite old t-shirts, too, that we’re loathe to give up.

And yet, as technology experts, we also understand the value of moving on and moving ahead when there are good reasons to do so. We’ve been around since the very first release of Great Plains Software when it was a small company in Fargo, North Dakota. Those were the good old days, when Great Plains users gathered every year for “Stampede” in Fargo in the dead of winter. It was like going to a family reunion. Pretty low key and low tech and fun.

Since then, Great Plains was purchased by Microsoft and rebranded Microsoft Dynamics GP. And users gather in different locations for annual conferences with attendance topping 15,000. Hardly a little family reunion anymore. Today it’s a high pitch, high tech event, and it’s still fun.

But I digress.

The important point is that good old Great Plains was DOS-based (remember DOS?) and it was accounting software not ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). No SmartLists. No multi-currency. No seamless integration with CRM. No dashboards. No mobility. No HR management. And I could go on and on … and on. Today, you could not innovate if you were still running Great Plains, no matter how much you loved it.

If you choose innovation, does that mean you have to change the way you do everything? Absolutely not. There is a middle ground and it’s that middle ground that we work hard to establish with our clients. Let’s have that respectful conversation so we can agree on which elements of your status quo you can keep versus what changes you may need to make in order to optimize your processes, grow your business, and remain competitive.

Let’s discuss your future. You can reach me at, at my office 714.379.0545 or on my cell at 714.264.4250. And by the way, je parle français and yo hablo español tambien.

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If You’ve Outgrown QuickBooks, Then You’re Ready for Microsoft Dynamics 365

If You’ve Outgrown QuickBooks, Then You’re Ready for Microsoft Dynamics 365

I’ll admit, it’s rare to see QuickBooks and Microsoft Dynamics appear in the same sentence. No less in an “if/then” statement. But that was before the appearance of Microsoft Dynamics 365 on the scene. Now there are clear and present reasons for QuickBooks users to contemplate a move up to Dynamics 365, especially if they’re outgrowing QuickBooks.

QuickBooks is often the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software of choice for start-ups and small companies. For one simple reason: It’s inexpensive.

But as your company grows, your ERP software needs to handle an ever increasingly complex set of processes and operations. How do YOU handle these new business challenges? Perhaps you decide to ride it out. Or hire more people. Or buy more tools. OR, what you might best be thinking about instead is finding a better solution.

I’m here to suggest Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Edition for Finance and Operations. It’s a pure cloud solution with flexibility and scalability that goes far beyond the capabilities of QuickBooks. Best of all, It’s designed for small, growing companies exactly like yours.

Ask yourself, does QuickBooks help you grow or is it struggling to keep up with your growing business?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a comprehensive solution that will grow and adapt with you. If you’re willing and able to shift your mindset from reactive to proactive, you’ll be prepared for the successful future of your company.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 will:

  • Connect multiple systems
  • Simplify your operations
  • Improve data security and controls
  • Make better use of your data
  • Provide smarter financial and auditing tools
  • Keep pace with higher transaction volume
  • Integrate seamlessly with other technologies
  • Work on various devices, from anywhere, at any time
  • Adapt to your business needs
  • Comply with industry standards

If these are your long-term goals, indeed if these are your requirements for an ideal accounting solution, you have just defined Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Dig deeper!

Take a look at Microsoft’s workbook: Beyond the basics – How to evaluate a QuickBooks replacement.

Let’s discuss your future. You can reach me at, at my office 714.379.0545 or on my cell at 714.264.4250. And by the way, je parle français and yo hablo español tambien.

Why My Clients Compare Me to Anna in “The King and I”

Why am I talking about “The King and I?”

I’ll tell you why. Go to any Microsoft Partner Web site, and you’ll see that without exception they all boast of their experience and expertise. It’s not my intention to trivialize the importance of experience and expertise. Those are givens. No partner could survive without experience and expertise. But they’re so ubiquitous that they are no longer differentiators.

As a Microsoft Dynamics partner, my differentiator is “The King and I.” Specifically the song that Anna sings about her relationship with the King of Siam. It’s called “Getting to Know You.” It’s all about relationship. And it represents the mutual relationships that are of the utmost importance to me in my interactions with my clients.

Take a look at the lyrics and you’ll begin to understand…

Getting to know you
Getting to know all about you
Getting to like you
Getting to hope you like me

Haven’t you noticed
Suddenly I’m bright and breezy?
Because of all the beautiful and new
Things I’m learning about you
Day by day

I do my best work when I get to know my clients. Of course I want to understand their business and their business processes. Again, those are givens. Beyond that, I want and need to know my clients as people. And vice versa. I want my clients to know me, the woman at the helm of International Software Systems. The person who will be working with them day by day to ensure that they have a Microsoft Dynamics GP or Dynamics 365 solution that meets their needs to a tee.

Sure. You can get to know me on the International Software Systems Web site. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. When we have an opportunity to chat, and I hope that will be soon, we’ll begin the process of learning about each other and liking each other. It’s the chemistry that counts.

Next Step!

Day by day you can reach me at at my office 714.379.0545 or on my cell at 714.264.4250. And by the way, je parle français and yo hablo español tambien.

Find out what's in development for Dynamics 365

Microsoft's Dynamics 365 Roadmap website provides a snapshot of what Microsoft is working on. The roadmap is updated regularly and provides insight into what is being made generally available and what is in development. All dates and features that are in development are preliminary, are based on current expectations, and are subject to change. It is a roadmap after all.